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Felicia Hardy/John Jameson. [15 Aug 2004|11:56pm]

Location: The phone.
Time: Sometime in the afternoon?
Characters: Felicia Hardy, John Jameson.

By games, do you mean crossword puzzles?Collapse )
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Felicia Hardy/Norman Osborn [12 Aug 2004|08:04am]

[ mood | amused ]

Dreams of strange thingsCollapse )

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Daedalus/Black Cat [09 Aug 2004|09:44pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Location: Kyle's condo
Time: 11pm
Players: Kyle as Daedalus/Black Cat

Things don't go Black Cat's wayCollapse )

edit;oocCollapse )

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Black Cat/Spidey [09 Aug 2004|12:21am]

[ mood | predatory ]

Location: A jewelry store rooftop
Time: late at night
Players:Black Cat/Spider-Man

So is this going to be a constant cat and mouse game between us?Collapse )

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[02 Aug 2004|10:03pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Location: Central Park
Time: 5:30 pm
Players: Felicia Hardy/Kyle Danielson

CLICK ME!Collapse )

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Doc/Carolyn Convo [31 Jul 2004|03:22pm]

Location: Lab/phonebooth- telephone conversation
Characters: Doc Ock/Carolyn Trainer

Read more...Collapse )
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a little Background on Kyle [28 Jul 2004|07:15pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hair: black
Eyes: Green
build: muscular (ex marine)
Marital status: single

Background: Born and raised in the suburbs of california this surfer joined the marines at 18. He stayed in for 6 years keeping in touch with his cousin who worked for Quest. He majored in chemistry since the marines paid for school. He worked as a bouncer, bartender, and nude model to help with the tight money times. When his cousin was killed in the quest bombing Kyle moeved out to NY since his cousin left him everything. Including some top secret rocket boots and armor he was working on for quest. After the bombing said items were "lost" in the frenzy. Also left to Kyle was a substantial amount of money with which Kyle bought a rather upscale bar/club called The Cats Meow.
After finding the boots and suit in his cousins apartment Kyle took on the role of Daedalus. trying to get revenge on the goblin. He also helps anyone he finds needs it. Semper Fi. He's an overall nice guy, but once you make him mad you better run. With a killer temper hes no fun when angry. Kyle has developed weapons, mostly blades and chemical weapons to use against villans, if needed. he prefers hand to hand combat though. When hes not out fighting crime you can usually find him at his club as a bouncer or bartender or at home making some new concotion. (another of his passions is cooking)
any questions please message POENNY on aim.

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Scene [26 Jul 2004|07:01pm]

[ mood | working ]

Hi! I'm really happy this transpired...here's the first scene between [the new] MJ and Peter. =)

Location: Phone conversation (phonebooth to MJ's) and a diner.
Time: Late afternoon, I would infer.
Characters: Mary-Jane and Peter Parker.

Truth spoken and unspoken...Collapse )

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Liz/Harry [25 Jul 2004|10:40pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Location: Liz's apartment. Takes place a few days after this.
Time: 9:36 pm

It's time to make amends...Collapse )

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OOC: [19 Jul 2004|01:32pm]

After a long and difficult decision, I've decided to give up miss MJ Watson so taht I can devote all of my attention to Norman and his alter-ego. As members of the community, you get first dibs on her if you want her. If no one claims her within three day's time (by Wednesday, at least), I'm going to go ahead and auction her off outside of the community. Keep your eyes peeled for potential players if this should be the case.

Also, as promised, here's the new OOC community for this RP group: spider_ooc. Membership is open, so feel free to sign up. Spiffier graphics and titles for both communities are forthcoming.

Thanks, gang!

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Felicia/Liz [19 Jul 2004|05:19am]

[ mood | happy ]

Location: New York, Fifth Avenue
Time: Afternoon, several days ago. [ooc: takes place before this and this]

Just tell him it was a form of therapyCollapse )

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[AIM log] Felicia and John, in the park, without the wrench. [18 Jul 2004|02:27am]

((First of all, this is a brief OOC question that will be deleted later: Is there a standard header that we should include with each AIM log? I threw a temporary one together quickly for this one, but I'm curious as to whether there's an "official" one for this game. Thanks in advance.))

Location: Central Park.
Time: Sometime in the afternoon.
Characters: Felicia Hardy, John Jameson.

All the world seems in tune on a spring afternoon.Collapse )
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[Enter JJJ - Stage Right] Introduction. [15 Jul 2004|05:10pm]

He didn’t get it.

J. Jonah Jameson did not get why his employees couldn’t get a stitch or work done without a question or an eye roll — or even a sound. He was paying them, why should they care? He wasn’t paying them to think. He was just paying them to listen to his orders, and do them. Whatever, that isn’t important. He made a mental note to lower their pay tomorrow.

What’s important is that Jonah has no Headline for tomorrow’s Daily Bugle, and he had a picture that looked like crap. There were only so times JJJ could look at new pictures of Spider-Man and instantly blurt out a Headline. Today? No dice. Although he was almost sure that he could put anything on the cover, and as long as it was Spider-Man, the public would eat it up.

It’s not easy trying to think of one either when you have your assistant running in telling you your wife is on the phone. Jonah made another mental note to not pay the phone bill that month.

It’s the pictures fault, he decided. It’s too… friendly. Spider-Man isn’t friendly, he’s a trouble maker. Parker always came up with all this stupid ones with Spider-Man mid-jump, saving a cat from the tree or catching a child’s balloon or something. What Jonah needed was a good picture. One that had the eight-legged freak stealing something.

So J Jonah Jameson looked at the picture of the man in what looked like a large stocking, and it hit him:


"It has a nice ring to it!" he said to himself, "The Public will love it."
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Enter Peter Parker-intro [13 Jul 2004|03:46pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Swerve left- He was told mentally in his head. Just as he did a car door opened which if he hadn't avoided he would have painfully crashed into it at the speed he was going. The gauge read twenty miles per hour, but it felt more like thirty. It had been that way since he had gotten the bike out of the repair shop, not that he was complaining. Today he was on a mission so he needed all the speed he could get.

Jonah had called his two best freelance photographers and when the second wasn't available he called Peter. It was Peter's mission to beat the other photographer to the daily bugle so that he could get the job. On the side he figured he would show Jonah the shots he had taken down at the harbor of the kids fishing on the dock. All of those photos were neatly tucked into his portfolio which was strapped securely to the back of his bike.

Peter began to smile to himself as he saw a nearby clock. He was making perfect time, he would get the job and perhaps sell a photo or two. Things were finally looking up for him. -BUMP- Peter swore under his breath as the bike hit a speed bump his helmet jostling against his head.

Hearing a flutter of papers behind him he stopped to brake his bike and turn around. About fifteen feet back was his portfolio and all of his photos scattered around. Torn between leaving the photos and going for the job an idea hit Peter as he parked his bike. Kneeling low between the row of cars he was in he gave a quick glance around to make sure no one could see him. Shooting various stands of webbing he quickly snatched the portfolio and all the photos up- except one. His favorite of the little boy holding the fish and grinning proudly. His eyes raced around until he spotted it in the lane just a few feet ahead. He got up and knelt by it his hand out stretched ready to pick it up when a taxi drove right by and right on it. Once the car had passed a large black tire mark covered it.

Slightly dejected Peter picked up the photo and placed it on top so that wouldn't get the others dirty. He rushed back to his bike strapping the portfolio as tight as he could without breaking the straps. Mounting the bike he went back to full speed hoping that he would make it in time.

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[[OOC]] [13 Jul 2004|12:41am]

Okaaaayyyy...looks like AIM/Trillian wasn't feeling up to par tonight, so here's a link to a chat room I've made at Chatzy in case of more cases of AIM having the flu.

Bookmark, and enjoy!

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mod post. [12 Jul 2004|10:15pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a Spider-Man!

Please welcome db_shutterbug!

Now that we have our hero, our anti-heroes, and our general assortment of socialites, crazies, and manic depressives, let's get cracking! Player posting has been wonderful so far -- this stands to be the best Spider-Man RP out there! Keep it up!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod,
Kate (aka: Norman; aka: MJ)

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Introduction. [12 Jul 2004|06:01am]

For as long as he could remember, John Jamesons' interests had always lay in the stars rather than the art of the written word. As an astronaut, he could easily distinguish one particular switch from fifty identical ones, clicking and tapping and ticking a series of buttons or a sequence of knobs to a steady rhythm, never skipping a beat or hammering recklessly away in desperation. But for all his prowess and years of training and experience in the complexities of technology, he had never been able to understand the fine mechanics of synonyms until, of all things, a holiday to the moon and a venture at the altar.

When he had been on the moon, he had looked back at a rising Earth along the horizon as, he figured, the Creator must have, with only the silver dust of an alien wasteland drifting and swirling in small clouds around his boots for companionship. This, he had concluded, was solitude, a sense of finding himself again now he was secluded in a desert of old sandy footprints, full of history, and winking stars that watched him from a limitless inky void.

Today, he is back at home in Manhattan, in a city of eight million in the centre of a world of six billion, a sleepless cosmopolitan where you cannot walk three steps without brushing fingertips against someone's shirt cuff or crushing toes underfoot. Yet here, he felt a sense of loneliness, not solitude, but an empty vacuum, a black hole -- he could go on with the space analogies if he was in the mood for it -- that should have been filled, he knew, by the gentle touch and warm smile of an actress that had winked back at him countless times as she professed love to the costumed actor on stage, a woman who had often sat out on the balcony with him to marvel at the moon and number the stars together. As he leans back on the loveseat -- there's room for two and for once, he wishes he didn't have the space to stretch himself out -- he rests his head back against the armrest and remembers when Mary Jane Watson and Cecily Cardew kissed him and he found himself among the stars again.

John is looking at the moon from Earth tonight, but he wishes that it could be the other way around again instead.
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[11 Jul 2004|02:41pm]

Betty walks along the sidewalk on her way to work. The streets are busy for such an early hour. She likes to get to work early, to sit at her desk for the two seconds she gets before the office explodes with frantic activity, and she has to repeatedly bid for her bosses attention.

She spends more time trying to get his attention than on the phone with his wife.

Betty enters the lobby with a mumbled hello to the guard, and enters the elevator. Leaning her head against the cool metal, she wills the day to go by quickly. As the doors close, an arm shoots into her vision, effectively halting the elevator.

A wiry teen enters the elevator, smiles at her. "Hi," he says, far too perky for this hour. Betty smiles, replied through her teeth, "Hello." "I'm an intern here, are you too?" It's nice to know she still looks young.

"No." The teen begins to babble. Betty glances up at the lighted numbers slowly ascending to the top floor. It's definitely going to be one of those days. Attempts to get Jameson to talk to his wife, fielding phone call after phone call, cute photographers... One can only wish. She's just here to work her way up the ladder anyways. Rung by rung.
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(Intro) [11 Jul 2004|10:00pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

"God, where are my keys....."

Elizabeth 'Liz' Allan fumbled through her bag for all of five minutes before finding them, shoving the correct key into the keyhole and pushing the door to her Manhattan apartment open. Tossing them carelessly on the counter, Liz dumped her bag and pulled her blonde hair out of the ponytail she wore it in for work.

Padding to the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror. There were the beginnings of faint circles under her eyes. Circles that hadn't been there a month ago. Liz sighed and began running a bath, intending to spend a quiet evening in with a cosmopolitan and her Sex and the City dvds.

That was before she heard the incessant ringing of her cell phone. Seconds later, she yanked it from her handbag.


"Liz honey, I have a party to attend tonight. I need an escort....can you make it?"

Liz rolled her eyes and smiled. "Sure, dad."

Phillip Allan straightened his tie. "How's the tie, Liz? Did I pick the right one?"

The blonde smiled, eyeing the pale grey sliver of grey silk knotted around his neck. "It's fine, dad. How do I look?" she asked, smiling in the direction of one of her father's investors. That night, she'd dressed in a simple black cocktail dress accentuated by a dark red beaded shawl. A suitable uniform for the New York socialite slash business woman in the making.

"You look gorgeous, sweetie. Every inch the student voted prettiest girl at Midtown High."

Liz blushed and muttered "Dad, that was two years ago."

"But it's true!" Phil smiled indulgently at his daughter. "You're gorgeous, and you're gonna do me proud when I can't handle this business anymore."

Liz shook her head. "Dad, you'll be doing this forever."

Phil laughed as he escorted her away from the crowd inside. He was silent for a moment, contemplating.

"How are you holding up, princess?" he asked, his voice lapsing into a more serious tone.

Liz frowned, not wanting to think about the recent events that had left her with a broken heart. "I'll be fine."

"Hasn't Harry called you at all to apologise?"

The young woman flinched at the mention of her ex's name. They had broken up a few weeks ago, when his alcohol problem reached a point where she no longer felt safe. Liz loved Harry, but unless he sobered up, there would be no future for her with him.

She shook her head. "I think I'm just better off leaving him alone...I mean, he has to sort through this problem himself." she sighed, the dull ache of loneliness filling her being.

"Yeah, well, the moment anyone hurts my daughter the way he has..." Phil shook his head fiercely.

"I know, dad." Liz smiled weakly. "Trust me, Harry will call if he wants to. And if he doesn't...." she trailed off and shrugged her shoulders.

Phil smiled. "I can't believe this is the same girl who was crying over that Thompson boy four years ago."

Liz chuckled. "I grew up and made my own choices, instead of mom making them for me."

He nodded. "Say honey, what say you and I get out of here early and have coffee. My shout." Phil grinned.

"Sounds good. But please.....anywhere but Starbucks." she groaned.

"Aw.....and I was hoping I could get a discount for being an employee's father." he chuckled, escorting her back into the party.

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"Never let the Black Cat cross your path" (intro) [11 Jul 2004|05:42am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Felicia swings to the rooftop, prized statue in hand as she grins perching lightly on the ledge. She waits and watches as her bad luck traps are set in motion. Even at this distance she could hear the curses from the museum guards. The poor stupid idiots never even saw it coming. She continues to watch a little longer as the wind toys with her hair, before she turns away she hears a siren from far away.

Pleased with the outcome Felicia, now known as The Black Cat, flips to the next roof then heads back to her penthouse to revel in the nights success. Once she makes it home she is greeted by her cat, rubbing against her leg and purring. "I'm glad to see you too baby, now come look what I've found." She says while she pulls her mask off and slips out of her shoes. "Isn't it magnificent? Truly a one of a kind and it's all ours.." Her cat mews and she smiles as she walks to her room to change. This was just the beginning, but already she'd carved out a big niche for herself.

Felicia comes back to the living room and curls up on the sofa with her cat, petting her and looking at the statue before she sets it back down on the coffee table, practically purring herself. "Just wait until tomorrow to see what I'm going to bring home next."

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